Street Football India

Naresh Malik, now an integral part of DKRS group has been working towards promoting football among the youth at high-school level since 1995 in Haryana, India. Since joining DKRS Group, the team is now focussed towards developing a holistic approach for the long term and sustainable change in then youth using football as a medium to attract and engage thousands of vulnerable young people in India.

Ever since the ‘Street Football India’ project kicked off, hundreds of youth have been trained and taught various life and social skills. Several seminars and camps have been organized at the gali and block level focussed on leadership, life skills, gender equality, HIV prevention, hygiene and basic health education, alcohol and drug prevention; apart from providing training in leadership, life skills programmes, innovation, business and social entrepreneurship.

The vision of the DKRS Group for ‘Street Football India’ project is to inspire youth in marginalized segment of society to play football and develop positive social skills and aspirations so that they can act as role models for people in their local communities.