Handicrafts & Handlooms

Through various Artisan focused projects, aim to integrate ICT with the rural artisan and inform them about various schemes and of the government. Sate Handicrafts and Central Govt. Handicrafts have different policies and benefits and our job was to inform them about both of these and more in a simple and easy way by mobilizing local youth. Till now we have worked with over 3500 Artisans directly and have reached out to over 15000 Artisans through various SHGs, Clusters, NGOs etc. Some of the work we have done as as follows:

A. Register Artisans for Artisan ID Card to avail benefits exclusive to Artisans – Its completely Free for Artisans. We organize camps and help artisans get identity in the eye of government so that government can form better policies regarding artisans in various districts. This card is mandatory to avail various health and insurance schemes.

B. Register Artisans for Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojana – Govt pays Rs 650 or Rs 725 p.a. (Minority and Reservation Artisans) and the Artisans pay Rs 150 or Rs 75 p.a. to avail 1 Lakh Insurance Cover, 1 Lakh Death Cover and cashless Health facility (upto 15,000 Per Person Per Family)for a family of four. Everyone from Age 0 to 80 can be covered in this.

C. Register Artisans for Janshree Bima Yojna wherein Artisan pays just Rs 40 p.a. and get Death Cover, Live Insurance Cover and his/her kids get educational allowance for class 9th to 12th (Siksha Sahyog Yojana).

In all the above mentioned schemes the the forms, photographs, data entry is all done and paid by DKRS Group. We have made sure the artisan don’t have to run to the govt. offices to fill up forms since village women are bit hesitant to go outside the villages. Artisans paid Rs 0 for Artisan ID Card, Rs 150/75 for Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojana and just Rs 40 for Janshree Bima Yojna. Rest everything was taken care of by DKRS Group.
After this is done we have informed the artisan about benefits of SHGs and NGOs and how to take benefits of the same. Then we have informed them about CRAFTLANE.org.

Craft Lane is a Directory cum catalogue website which highlights the best handicrafts in India and the best of the artisans. We are promoting this portal across the globe so that if an end customer plans to buy handicrafts then he/she can get in touch with the artisans directly. This way we have helped them bypass multiple retailers or wholesalers who would take in the maximum chunk of profit. Of course we are there with the Artisans to make sure they can process the order correctly and are not cheated in any way. Many Artisans who live in small cities do have access to internet and PC and are interested i checking out queries themselves. Those artisans get the queries directly. For others in the remotest of the areas we handle the query processing and inform them about the orders whenever they recieve one.